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Will protein shakes help me gain weight?

By Gain Weight Now

The answer to the question about protein shakes above is not just a simple yes or no. It depends on a variety of things that you are doing as well as the protein shakes. The best way to deal with the specific requirements that you have for your body is to use a few calculations.

For example there is a simple formula which you can get online which will help you work out exactly how much protein you need every day. But you must be weary to not sit and eat all that protein that you are required in just one sitting. It should be spread throughout the day as well as before and after your workout.

Excess protein will simply turn into fat so it is important that you try to get the required amount of protein required for your body if you want to only gain good quality weight. Putting on muscle is only going to happen if you are pumping iron on a regular basis.

It goes without saying in this article that you are interested in taking protein shakes on a regular basis because you are trying to gain muscle and not just get fat. This means that you are doing progressive resistance training and you are pushing and breaking your muscle when you train hard in your workouts at home or at the gym.

Protein shakes have been proven by sports scientists to work, as a study was done where they measured the results of people taking protein shakes for breakfast and before and after training. The results proved conclusively that the biggest muscle gains came from trainers who would take a good quality protein shake before and after a serious workout.

These days there are high quality protein shakes with all the necessary extras like creatine and many other essential amino acids. You should however be careful of the calories you mix into your protein shakes. It goes without saying that full cream milk with chocolate ice-cream and bananas is going to get you fat if you have a regular metabolism speed.

Protein shakes can be adapted and mixed to suit your specific requirements but it is certainly recommended that you try and calculate scientifically exactly what those personal requirements are. Just a few minutes research online will get you all the answers you need on how to do that.

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