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What's the quickest way to gain weight?

By Gain Weight Now

The quickest way to gain muscle is without a doubt progressive resistance. Whatever rumors you may or may not have heard about steroids there is no pill or injection that you can take that will increase your muscle without progressive resistance, it simply has not been discovered yet.

The writer of this article believes that the fastest and quickest way to put on good quality muscle that lasts is to squat. Many years ago there was a doctor who they called Dr. Squat (Fred Hatfield) who wrote many books about the growth hormone producing effect when doing squats correctly.

There are many professional bodybuilders that will tell you that if they were stuck on a desert island and could only do one exercise to hold their existing muscle it would be squats. When you have a heavy weight resting on your traps and you are coming up from a squat you will know what I am talking about.

The three big basics are squats, deadlift and bench press. If you combine these exercises in your weekly routine you will put on muscle quickly there is no doubt about it. You need to be very weary of the sets and reps that you train as well as to not fail more than once a week.

It goes without saying here that you should be eating correctly because you are doing extreme damage to your body if you are training with intensity. Your muscles need to rest and repair before they get put back to work so you need to have ALL the necessary nutrients available in your blood to help them do that.

How to split up your workouts during the week are going to depend on many different factors. They can include anything from the best time for you and/or your partner to meet to getting time off from work. But the split routine that you select should be something that you will be able to stick to no matter what.

It is good to note here that you should not do the big basics all on one day. This simply means that you should do legs on one day when you do squats. The next day you could do deadlift when you train your back and biceps, and obviously bench press on the third day when you do chest and triceps.

This is just a suggestion as mentioned above there are many different variations on this. It is important to note here that it is extremely important to rest in order to give your body time to repair and recover so the fourth day would be a day of total rest.

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