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Ways to gain weight fast

By Gain Weight Now

How can I gain weigh fast?

It is impossible to answer the question above without knowing exactly what you have achieved to this point. For example it will be a lot easier to gain muscle quickly if you have never trained with weights before. But if you have been training for many years and you have reached the dreaded "plateau" then you need different advice.

It should be said here that all bodybuilders reach that dreaded plateau at some point or another. Often some of the less serious bodybuilders just get into the routine of training the same exercises, the same body parts with the same weights. The results are obvious because the "progression" has stopped.

If you are just starting out you will need to learn the correct technique and learn the basics correctly because bad habits happen very fast and you need to make sure that you start correctly.

The rest is simply nutrition because there are a few basic tricks that you need to be aware of. The first is to know exactly what high quality protein is and the second is to know what calories are and how to count them. Food preparation is vitally important but you will more than likely already know that.

If you have been training with weights for a few years and would like to know how to gain weight fast then you need to decide what type of weight you want. Let's be honest it is easy to gain weight eating calorie dense foods or lots of junk food which only put on fat and nothing else.

But if you want good quality weight or muscle to be added to your frame as quickly as possible then you need to change something in your regular workouts. These changes can be many different things that range from pyramids to giant sets, forced reps, negatives etc. The list is endless.

You need to change what you are doing, for example you might be the kind of trainer who will never do dips because you think it is a waste of time. Well there could be a good reason why you think that way and you are simply not using all the muscle fibers in your triceps as a result.

You need to constantly experiment and vary the exercises in order to get out of the rut that you have put yourself into. There really are countless ways that you can change your workouts, if you cannot think of any then you should ask someone at your local gym for help.

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