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Gain weight exercise

By Gain Weight Now

In this article we are going to talk about weight gain exercises and not nutrition, eating correctly or eating to gain weight. It must be assumed that you are not just eating junk food whenever you get hungry because that will not put on the quality weight that you are looking for.

It is assumed that you are eating at least four times a day a good mix of high quality protein, complex carbohydrates and at least 5% or 10% fat. Each of these basic meals should have dairy products, meats, seafood and/or poultry. But without going into specific detail it should be combined with complex carbohydrates and low GI foods.

Exercises that gain weight are usually split between two schools of thought and the one is compound exercise and the other is isolation exercise. In the authors opinion the answer is simple compound exercise. What this means is the famous squat, deadlift and bench press.

Not only is muscle over two and a half times heavier than fat but also you will pick up good quality weight as you get stronger. Without a doubt the best way to get stronger is to squat and deadlift. They will increase your overall lean body mass dramatically.

Your neck will get thicker as your thickness of your chest cavity get thicker and you will start to see the muscle you have. There is something about coming up from a squat when you have a heavy weight on your back that uses all you have in your body and that puts on muscle fast.

Intensity is vitally important because that is going to dictate the point of failure. Whether you train with a partner or not you will be able to reach the point of failure with a more intense workout than you would if you did a set every ten minutes after complete recovery.

Intensity is something that only you can gauge because it is something that is completely related to your overall strength and fitness. It is recommended that the definition of intensity is a maximum rest of 90 seconds between sets. But this is something that will take time to work up to and you should not start at this level under any circumstances.

There are ways of going "beyond failure" which are certainly not recommended for anyone who has not been pumping iron for at least two years. At the risk of repeating myself, the nutrition that you give your body during and after these kind of workouts is vital.

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