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It's a common occurrence for many people to become frustrated from hitting the gym on a daily basis doing reps and sets week after week on body parts they want to gain muscle mass only to be met with having nothing to show for it. So why do people who train so hard reach a point of stagnation in their bodybuilding routines? Some people seem to gain weight and build muscle mass much easier than others, and the saying goes "what works for some doesnít always work for others" is true.

It is a popular to see in gyms people doing split routine exercises, most of these types of high volume routine exercises are supposed to pummel the body parts being focused on with the mistaken belief that isolating particular areas is better for growth. For most people this type of approach actually results in muscle depletion and not muscle growth. Focusing on a single body part alone cannot stimulate the body enough for real muscle growth to occur without the help of supplements or artificial enhancements to aid in muscle growth.

For most people unaided by supplements will not benefit by this approach especially skinny or naturally thin people. A person who wants to gain weight and build muscle mass has to work the whole body not just separate or individual muscle parts. With a high intensity workout focusing on all muscles groups in brief, the body produces more testosterone and hypertrophy can be achieved.

This can be achieved by doing short high intensity sets of compound exercises rather than many sets of the isolation type of exercises. It is much easier to shock your body into growth by doing fewer yet demanding compound exercises preferably in a full body workout routine. For many this is a very different approach to the popular multiple split set routine, but if you are experiencing stagnation in your workout then this could be a very effective workout program that can get you over your plateau.

This type of muscle building program has worked for many to gain weight and build muscle mass. Each personís body is unique and responds differently to different exercises, "what works for some doesnít always work for others" is true. Experiment with your workout program, eat well, be intense during your workout sessions, get rest and you will gain weight and build muscle mass.

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