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Foods to eat to gain weight

By Gain Weight Now

When you are thinking of changing your diet in order to put on weight you surely are thinking of quality weight and not fat? Putting on weight is easy if you are thinking of fat because that means junk foods, which is cheap and easy.

But we are talking about quality, long lasting muscle. The first thing that you should know is that muscle is two and a half times heavier than fat which means you do not have to put on a lot of muscle in order to put on weight.

The definition of being underweight scientifically speaking is when your body mass index is under 18.5. But usually for bodybuilders this kind of indication does not apply. If you are pumping iron then you are doing the right thing as it will put on muscle.

But you also need to eat good quality nutritious foods on a regular basis. That does not mean once a week or once a day but at least four quality meals with complex carbs and good quality protein. Bread is a good start to getting good quality complex carbohydrate.

You should know that a slice of good quality heavy brown bread or rye has only about 70 calories while a bagel will have over 150 calories. The bagel, before you put anything on it is something that will help you pick up weight but it is a simple carbohydrate that will turn to fat before it turns to muscle.

A better alternative is pasta when looking for complex carbs, things like nuts and raisins are a good quality nutritious snack that you should eat when you are hungry. But any dried fruit or any fruit even fresh fruit is a good source of calories.

Good quality sources of protein include eggs, milk, beef, chicken, fish, etc.

You can increase your daily calorie input by adding virgin olive oil to your meals or your salads. There are quite a few options on oils, which can be added to pasta, bread or vegetables. Oils like canola, grape and walnut and a few others are good for you.

A good source of highly nutritious calories is avocado pears, which has a lot of calories in them. A single avocado will have 200 calories so you can see that adding it to a good salad or something will quickly add up, through in a few cashew nuts and almonds and you have got yourself a first rate meal.

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