Fast ways for teenagers to gain weight

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Teenager weight gain

By Gain Weight Now

Adolescence is a time of radical physical change and although the majority suffers from obesity there are certainly many teens that struggle to put weight on. Often this leads to general body dissatisfaction, which occurs in both the obese teenager as well as the thin teenager.

The answer for weight gain is definitely not junk food, as this will not solve the problem. The only way to put on good quality weight that looks good is to eat at least five times a day. The teenager should eat good quality, calorie dense foods like eggs, chicken, fish, beef, rice, potatoes, avocado, pears, nuts, dried fruits, cream cheese, etc.

It takes a bit of preparation before you start your day, as eating junk food will not solve the problem because the refined carbohydrates will quickly be used up. When a teenager with a fast metabolism eats junk food it will usually only make them hungrier.

When a teenager has a fast metabolism it will process food at an alarming rate. What happens when they eat refined simple carbohydrates like junk food is that they over produce insulin and only get hungrier and hour later. This problem can be solved by eating calorie dense healthy foods.

Muscle is two and a half times heavier than fat and if the teenager wants to put on good quality mass they should lift weights. Depending on the age of the teenager they should train with weights three times a week on a regular basis.

Obviously when the teenager is very young like in their early teens care should be taken when weight-training as their bones are still soft. This means movements like squats; deadlift and bench press should not be done for 1 rep maximum until they are older.

But there is no doubt that progressive resistance training will put on good quality muscle and improve the general posture and attitude of the teenager. It is recommended that you speak to your gym instructor who will be able to guide you through the correct sets and reps that you should do.

The long-term result of getting into a regular practice of weight-training is something that has proven itself to be extremely effective in putting on good quality muscle at an early age.

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