Can amino acids make you gain weight

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Amino acids for weight gain

By Gain Weight Now

There has been a lot of research on amino acids in the last twenty years and although there are different schools of thought on the actual value of amino acids there is consensus on how they are used in the body.

To cut a long story short there are only 20 different amino acids and these 20 different compounds make up the tens of thousands of proteins that are needed by our bodies. But out of these 20 amino acids only 10 of these are called "essential amino acids".

What this means is that these 10 "essential" amino acids are what your body cannot synthesize and they need to be got from your diet, which is why they are called "essential" amino acids. The remaining 10 are amino acids that can be built in your cells.

This means that if your body is missing just one of the essential amino acids it will degrade functional proteins, such as muscle, in order to obtain the single nutrient that is so critical to use elsewhere. It is this vital survival, built-in mechanism that we have that will often lead to problems in someone who is living on an unbalanced diet.

It is therefore obvious from what is written above that extra supplementation of amino acids can only lead to weight-gain. Obviously if you are breaking up your muscles in doing sport or weight-training then the demand for amino acids will increase.

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